Friday, January 12, 2018

Bye now!

Photo Rob Ek: all flights to abroad..

Dear readers,

I'm going to stop or freeze this English blog. I was asked to write this blog. I find it in fact nonsense that a Dutch advaita teacher has to write in English if necessary in order to reach a larger audience abroad. There are enough English speaking & writing teachers.

The ego always lies in the wait and tries to raise itself up. So beware...

a-Dwaita and other mystical schools need a subtle use of language and if you have not grown up in a specific language, then it is virtually impossible to express yourself well. I noticed that when I translated a book by Sailor Bob Adamson. You then have to know exactly what the meanings can be of the concepts found and you have to know what those terms mean within the advaita of that specific teacher in that language area.

In short, I think it's great to just communicate in Dutch and see what Google make of it in whatever language.

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Friday, June 10, 2016


c. Image on on the Wall..... Own picture of Rob Ek

In a recent interview I talked about the end of the seeking.If you search for things as scientific knowledge or fantastic appearances you will not find your true Self.

Even naming the goal of your search is one step too far.

And who is de experiencer?

So the solution is be with the seeing.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Deep Sleep (update 2)

Without concepts there is no teaching. But as long as they are there, we'll can and have to use them.
For instance for the mystery of Deep Sleep. It's a well-known topic in Advaita teachings. Without thoughts there is no problem with deep sleep.

The story goes that in Deep Sleep the knowing 'I am' is off. So there is not a knowing of not being there in deep sleep.  You - as awareness- cannot know your absence!  

The whole process of going to sleep, sleeping and awakening is a mystery. Can we solve that?
For instance: You cannot experience falling asleep. You know that you have succeeded in falling in sleep when you wake up! And also waking up is not an experience. One moment you do not know that you are and the following moment you are awake. You know you 'are alive' without even thinking about it or needing other proofs for that. Has there ever been a moment or longer timespan when you were asleep? Or knows deep sleep no time?

Explanation 1

There are teachers who told and tell us that they (were) are aware in deep sleep. Sri Ramana is one of them. Their message is that in deep sleep we are not dead, the body keeps functioning and is protected. We feel therefore safe to fall asleep. We even long for that state. We take pills for it.
Well I have never experienced myself in deep sleep. I have no knowing of deep sleep. I have no idea of how this could happen. Or I'm aware or I am asleep or unconscious or unaware. After waking up there is a sort of memory of not being there. But was there really a timespan when I was not there? 

But -again- you need concepts to underline your experienceless experience. And concept are only possible in a divided world.

Explanation 2

Another category of teachers - a.o. Rupert Spira - will tell you that in Deep Sleep there is no direct experience of being. The lights are out! I simply don't know that I am present in deep sleep.

But beyond deep sleep there is ever present, timeless awareness!

As there is no 'physical' time in awareness and there are no forms to be observed in deep sleep, there is no direct experience of being during deep sleep. When I am awake, awareness still is time-and spaceless, but there is an immediate knowing of being the 'I am' and the surrounding (or inner) world.
So when there is no time and no space -the characteristics of pure awareness - we cannot experience the missing of time. What???? Simply we are as timeless and spaceless being not at all 'away' for the hours when asleep. The concept of Deep Sleep is then only a hypotheses. Sleep takes no worldly time!!!! You did not sleep for hours, not knowing you were sleeping. There is no time. Awareness is timeless and you can never have the experience of not-being-there. 

1. Three stages which will never be known by us

We are all our life aware. It's impossible not to be aware. So deep sleep does not exist as something apart. It's still an idea.

2. Also these two states will never been known when happening

3. Figure 3 is empty. You can only experience yourself as awake, also when there are no forms to experience.
So there are no memories of awareness, as is also true for deep sleep. There is no time in Deep Sleep. So deep sleep is another label for awareness. Deep Sleep does not exist.
I refer here at the text of the mysterious Old Master Cheng who is cited as: "The Original Spirit does not appear in the disappearance of sleep and does not disappear when you (are) overpowereth. The Original Spirit is nothing and depends in no way on things that change or disappear."

Nisargadatta Maharaj said something alike. But he said that there is no knowing of that state.The knowing starts with the 'I am'.

So what is now really true?

I think you'll never experience the truth with the help of language, or words, or explanations.
The problem of dreamless sleep can be resolved when we realize that we are timeless presence awareness itself. And awareness is aware, independent of what is seen or experienced. That is its true nature. So there are no gaps in the knowing! 

And what is seen or experienced or what is mentally invented, is never the truth.

When you want to know who you are, don't try to get that with words, with concepts. 
You will fall in the trap of time, and you're not home anymore.  The old zenmaster Lin Chi would tell you that your belief in concepts constantly brings you in trouble.  Forget the words, and all your problems are solved. Without concepts -so without thinking - there are no troubles, no questions, no answers, no solutions, no ways.

Try it now, to formulate a goal and a solution without words. It is impossible!

So take the advice of Lin Chi. Just remain close to that-what-is aware and don't lose yourself in what is seen. That is endless and doomed to disappear..
Stay by what-is. Just see what is. Don't go back to memories or goals. Forget the labeling. The seeing is timeless and spaceless being, so more close than that you cannot come, for you are already what you were seeking.

A second fault of the seeker is thus that he positions himself as the first person. The seeker. But in what appears the seeker? Who or what is the knower of the seeker and the seeking? The seeker forgets that he himself is seen, and that what sees is the One Self. And as the knowing cannot be known as an object, you must be That!. You know you know. You don't need proof for that. So when you keep looking at the unknown Self you will place yourself again and again outside what you really are. So take the jump! Or rather: stay where you really are! Here and now! Which has no dimensions. You never can find it as a thing, as an experience. You are and you know you know.

  • There is no in or out, so we cannot say that the world is in us or outside us. Its place is just here with us without boundaries.
  • You're the absolute condition of all phenomena
  • The symptoms are not inseparable from your presence
  • I am timeless and spaceless.  The same applies to the phenomena for they appear only in the timeless and spaceless awareness.. Or rather they are a temporaly movement of awareness.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Time and Space

We will now look at the relationship between seeing and the time in which you are seeing. 
Is seeing immediate or a process?
Well investigate that!
Is it not so that you see something always right now? Recently I was in a football stadium, and was for a moment distracted and a goal was scored. I didn't see the goal, I saw only the people around me jumping and screaming with delight. I could not retrace my seeing. And there was not a repeat on the video in the stadium.
So fast does life pass you! The last word is now already a memory. 
The 'full stop!' also.
Direct immediate seeing is always just now, just here.
Here is now. 
And both you cannot see or hear or feel.

So here-ness and now-ness and aware-ness are the same.
Now is not a span of time between past and future.
Now is not a thing: it's timeless and spaceless.
It is thanks to our thoughts that we experience a world of space and time, but when we investigate that, it appears that this is the famous illusion. The thoughts about time and space are seen here and now, in presence. The world seems real before us in our awareness, but it is not real in the sense of a real material world outside of us.
The world is always in awareness. In deep sleep or in unconsciousness there is no world. When the 'I am', the feeling of our existing, is not there, there is no knowable world.
But is there really a world outside us when we are in dreamless sleep, knowing that awareness is neither space nor time?
Well there are a lot of exercises that teach us to experience that everything we touch, hear, smell and see, finds place in 'our' consciousness. Even when we touch another person, we feel only the boundary of our own fingers, hand or whatever. So the seeing of the world finds place in the same realm of our own consciousness space. But even the body and all of our thoughts, emotions and body enervation's are seen.
We have not the means to leave our own consciousness, to look if there is another objective world outside of us.  There is no in or out! There are no dimensions.
'My' consciousness is spaceless and timeless, and so is yours. I have not the means to enter your consciousness as you cannot enter mine…
We do not know directly the others feelings and thoughts, but we do know are shared timeless and spaceless awareness or consciousness.
We ourselves are no-thing, no-time, no-space and in this, our person and my world take place in or as that awareness. And so does yours.
There cannot be a shared world!
So what appears in unknowable spaceless and timeless no-thing, can that be an infinite and eternal universe???

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who am I?

It's all much simpler than it seems.
You know you are, when you are awake. You know that for sure! You need no proof for that.
You know you know. You are here, now, this moment.
This needs not to be proved for you, either by words or by actions.
That you are is the only thing you know for sure in your life.

However, you do not know and never will know WHAT you are.

"I am" are the last two words you will identify before you will go beyond the world of forms and thus out the world of thoughts.  Thinking has here no ticket.

Once the question about what you are lies on your table, there is immediately duality in concepts and actions, which may lead to schisms, shootings and religious warfare. And when you want to know more about that, then you're immediately in the domain of thought again and thought divides that which is originally One and it(thinking) will keep dividing everything that it will find.
Thought has so filled billions of books and made a divided world.
And has that all helped you to find the real Self?
We'll have to go back to the undivided mystery of our indisputable being here and now.
So, the real self-realization is to know that you know nothing about what you are. And still - and that is indisputable - you exist! That knowing is beyond words. And without words (concepts) there is nothing to identify or to explain.
So, all the additions in spoken (and written) language from people who claim to be enlightened, have only had as result in reaching the illusion of a "something" which is benefiting the person….
Meditating for years to achieve or realize what you are, may lead to the realization that you already and always are as the knowing. You are the witnessing.
So when you started the quest, the goal of your search was (is) already present. But you -as the thinker- didn't know (or believe!) then that what you sought was already present. 

The seeking leads you to new horizons, but the knowing never leaves you! Apparently you are underway, but look;  you always stay here and now. Just check that again and again. You are just present and aware and you cannot get rid of yourself as the awareness.
You cannot leave the here and now. It are your thoughts that suggest that. But even the thoughts can only appear here and now. You are the knower of them.
And what means here? That you in reality cannot exist in a 'there.' And here-ness is not a defined spot in space. There is no location with coordinates where you can find yourself. You will never find it, for you are here-ness. You cannot lose that and you cannot leave that!
And the same is true for Now. You can only exist now. The past or the future does not really exist for you as present awareness.  Only thoughts can produce concepts that can seduce you to think that past and future really exist. But it are only thoughts. 
You are now! You = now. Time is just an idea. And without time there is no space. There is nothing to identify in what we are. There are no words, no forms. You are that spaceless & timeless presence.
It means literally the end of thinking. 
And where brings you that? There where you always are! But not as the person, but as the knowing of everything that appears in your knowing.
So…..what means all of this for our quest?
It's realizing the who or what, that itself knows immediately when you get the idea to find yourself! And it is there (it is never not here!) when you plan to reach that goal.
Your actions and doings are all in time and space, and everything in time and space seems to be moving like a river from one point to another.  
But in reality there is no beginning or end. And the knowing of that, knows no time or space. It is beyond the world of forms. It's not something.  You as the impersonal knowing Is, and is unknowable for the knowing of itself. It knows it knows, and it cannot go beyond that.